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The department of computer science at the University of Electro-Communications conducts education and research on basic and applied fields of computer science and computational science that are essential for the further development of today's information society.
It provides a well-balanced approach to both hardware and software. In addition to meeting immediate needs of society, the department also educates people to pioneer new technologies and applications. The following research areas are covered by the four groups of the department:

Computer Science Group

Computer systems, computer architecture, parallel processing,
distributed processing, cooperative processing, real time processing,
operating systems, programming language processors, database,
multimedia computing, symbolic processing, programming learning theory,
and bio-informatics.

Software Engineering Group

algorithms and computational complexity, language theory, data
structures, programming languages, system software, programming
methods, human-computer interaction, information network,
and system software.

Computational Science Group

numerical analysis, finite element method, computational mathematics,
computational physics, mathematical modeling, mathematics,
and computer simulations.

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Applied Computer Science Group

artificial intelligence, sequential and parallel algorithms, optimization, numerical and seminumerical algorithms, large-scale simulation,
parallel and distributed systems,
and computer network.